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fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
05 March 2030 @ 01:20 pm

Do you need to contact me for plotting purposes or anything else? Feel free to leave a comment on this post and I'll come right back to you.

If you have any complaints or praises or anything else about the way I play Kyouko, please also leave a comment on this post. I'm pretty insecure about my RPing, so I would really appreciate it. ♥

In case you want to use a different method of contacting me than using this post: my AIM is Lunixhime, my plurk is queeningsquare and my email queeningsquare[at]gmail[dot]com.

Comments are screened, anonymous commenting is on and IP logging is off, so fire away.
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
29 December 2011 @ 05:17 pm
if anyone from demeleier can see this post, please remove selfished and add rossories, thanks!
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
01 November 2011 @ 03:30 pm
... Bastards..

[ There's a low, short laugh - but there's something more bitter than amused about it. Even if the latter is also there, just less apparent. ]

Is that how ya treat anyone who comes to watch your fun parade? I'll make sure to keep it in mind! [ Now she's gotten that out, she seems to focus at the device a little bit more. Kyouko doesn't look too different from normal - maybe a few streaks of dirt on her face and arms, but that's about it. She's more glad that she still managed to hold on the the crystal, really - it's hers after all.

In fact, if you pay close enough attention to the feed you might notice the crystal shard in Kyouko's other hand. She's keeping an eye on it now for sure.

For a moment she turns the device around, aiming the camera at some new rock formations nearby. ]

Hey, everyone! Looks like they gave us some rocks as a Halloween present. Ain't it generous? [ another similar laugh. ] Dunno, it seems actually pretty interesting this time.

[ But that's maybe more because of the current fae influence over her than completely her own free will, really. (She's actually not eating at the moment, she's that preoccupied with the stone circle. If that tips anyone off.) ]

( ooc: since Kyouko was holding onto one of the crystals, the fae practically enchanted her to feel drawn to the rock circle which is connected to the Queen's palace, making her want to go into it. Kyouko will fight it enough to not actually go in, but she will be hanging around said circle for the rest of the day due to it, so feel free to action as well! )
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
20 September 2011 @ 11:35 pm
[ Something apparently hits the side of the communicator, since it rolls over a few times before lying somewhere camera-up, showing the sky. Not too much of a view, but some clattering sounds can be heard from a little distance.

After a few moments the sounds are interrupted by a sharp short laugh. But when the laugh goes to a speaking voice, the tone obviously changes to near sheer rage. ]

I was right-- I was frickin' right all along! From bad to worse, right?! [ clang. ] Hope you got what you wanted, moron!

[ There's an almost eerie silence all of a sudden, but then there's the sound of footsteps and the device is picked up soon enough, showing a quite enraged face on the screen all of a sudden. ]

And what is this thing recording for? Having a little fun at other people's misery, huh?!

[ She raises the thing above her head before throwing it on the ground. Apparently it's sturdy enough to survive that much, but it does cause the feed to switch off. ]
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
26 August 2011 @ 11:07 pm
[ The feed is actually sort of a mess - definitely not recorded on purpose. Especially since the communicator seems to have been dropped on the ground rather forcefully (even though accidentally) and started recording because of that. But because of its slanted state it's hard to tell what exactly is going on. There's a hint of familiar blue armor in the distance, which one might recognize as belonging to Rock.

There's definitely a female shout though at the start of the feed (recognizable as Kyouko if you pay attention, the fiery red hair slightly visible on the feed helps with that too), a near war cry. There's the sound of something squishy being hit, a slight splatter in the distance - the sound continues on for a few moments before someone actually speaks up. ]

Dammit-- get the hell out of there! [ There's the sound of metal hitting metal. ] If you don't hurry up I'll-- [ more clashing ] tear you apart bit by bit with my bare hands if I have to--! [ Her voice changes into a snarl at the end, a voice filled with rage.

After a few moments and some electric sounds, perhaps sparks, there is the sound of tiny things skittering around before more squishy sounds are heard.

When it's completely quiet again, a very, very tiny creature with some electric-looking colour - a fae - appears above the communicator, apparently interested by it. But before it can slip into it, a giant spearhead flies into view, skewering the creature right next to the device, leaving splatters of green blood spilled over the screen before the feed times out. ]

( ooc: Kyouko found where Rock has been hanging out all this time - a bunch of wire gremlins messed with his body so he was taken half apart and left sleeping slightly into the forest. And then she promptly took care of them in a fit of rage, since they aren't too strong. n_n Replies will be slightly delayed icly since she's obviously first going to check up on Rock, but it won't be more than a few minutes, probably. There will be an action thread between Rock and Kyouko but you're obviously free to leave regular text / audio / video replies! )
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
13 August 2011 @ 03:27 pm
Geez, all of this is so unfair. First they give us an all-you-can-eat buffet in that mansion place, and now we're thrown back to fend for ourselves again? That's like offering a mouse cheese and taking it away again before it can even take a bite!

And the worst part is that I tried to take some of the food with me and then it started rotting in my hands! [ HUFF HUFF. This is clearly the crime of the century, people. ] Just a waste of good food, right?

[ After that she seems to hatch some sort of plan though - she starts grinning a bit either way, a constrast to her earlier annoyance. ]

... You know, no one could probably beat the quality of the food in the mansion though. [ nod. hint hint. nudge nudge. ] Yeah, that's right, I bet no one here in the vilage would make me something good to eat.

[ THIS IS A CHALLENGE. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Also, she seems to recall something else by now, frowning a bit all of a sudden. ]

Right, also.. has anyone seen Rock around the past few days or so? [ N-NOT THAT SHE'S FRIENDS WITH HIM OR ANYTHING!! ] Seriously, where's that guy hanging out at?

... Oi, Homura, you've seen him? [ just since she's the first person that came to mind, okay, it's not like she's friends with her either!! ]
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
[ In this dream you might find yourself in a big church, so big that the size might just overwhelm you for a moment before you can orient yourself. The church walls are lined with neat black brick rows, and the floor paved with similar grey tiles. Beyond the big stained glass windows on the wall a red light - perhaps the setting sun - seems to burn in the distance, shining just enough through the windows to illuminate the inside of the church slightly.

Nothing will reach her any longer. She will come to know nothing more.Collapse )
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
30 June 2011 @ 10:23 pm
[ As the feed turns on, there's a moment of silence - a rather drawn out moment of silence, if you don't notice the slightly heavy breathing in the middle of the silence. It continues on for a few moments before the silence is broken by a girl's voice. ]

It's almost been a week now..

[ Another pause, but then just a loud 'tch'. ]

Listen up, has anyone seen Sayaka? For those of you who don't know her name, she's the girl with the short blue hair, I've been around her a few times, that Sayaka--

... I haven't been able to find her anywhere since.. well, that night. Did anyone see her, or even know what happened to her, or..

[ Her voice trails off, almost painfully. There's another few moments of silence - some footsteps, more heavy breathing, and then a near growl and the sound of a weapon - a spear - hitting something really hard like a rock. ]

What do you think you're doing, Sayaka, running off like that?! We were.. we were supposed to go together, right? And then going off wherever and leaving me behind like this-- Argh, I can't stand it!

[ The same weapon sound is heard again before the feed is shut off. ]
fatty fatty no parents ( aka kyouko sakura )
07 June 2011 @ 09:15 pm
---The hell was that?!

[ Well, someone sounds rather annoyed today. And there's a distinct lack of chomping sounds, because normally there would have been a waterfall of furious munching sounds following that remark. There's also a lack of video today, but she is rather annoyed and it even shows on her face outside of the feed. ]

Can't a person even go to grab some fresh apples for once without being assaulted by lame faeries?! Why should they care if I pick an apple or two - or three, or four - they've got plenty! Sure, I've got some left too but that can't beat the taste of fresh ones!

What the heck is that thing in the orchard supposed to be either way?

[ There's a distinct 'tch' sound before a bit more of her usual tone creeps back into her voice. ]

... Next time I see that thing I'm just going to kick its ass and take all of its apples as retribution, heh. So.. no hard feelings, 'kay?